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Argan Oil: elixir of beauty for the hair…and more!

Raise your hand if you have used Argan Oil at least once in your life. There must be plenty of us, because the benefits of this extraordinary extract are well known. The history of liquid gold, as Argan Oil is called, has its origins in the mists of time, when Berber women in the sun-drenched lands of the Maghreb, in south-western Morocco, used it to protect their faces and hair from the sun and wind. And today, it is still the only place on Earth chosen by nature to be home to the Argan tree, the “tree of life”, where this precious treasure originates: yes, precious, because to produce one litre of pure oil you need to press almost 100 kg of kernels! But it’s worth it…

Rich in vitamins A and E, Omega 3 and 6 and many active ingredients, Argan Oil is a very versatile natural product: just a few drops are enough to enjoy its infinite properties: moisturising and nourishing, antioxidant, softening, soothing and repairing.

In short, a true elixir of beauty.


You can use Argan Oil on your hair, either as a shampoo or as a mask or pack, to nourish, pamper and soften it, making it shiny and glossy. Argan Oil is particularly good for fine, frizzy or curly hair because, as well as being an excellent detangler, its highly nourishing properties are a real panacea for dry, brittle hair or for hair stressed by dyes or treatments.

And did you know it also helps prevent split ends and fight dandruff? Well, it really does offer something for everyone.


Of all the benefits Argan Oil has for the skin, we must give special thanks to polyphenols, especially flavonoids – molecules that are essential for protecting the dermis: in addition to their well-known anti-free-radical, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and immune-stimulating properties, flavonoids stimulate the formation of collagen, a protein which helps prevent wrinkles, smoothing the skin and making it more elastic. For soft, velvety skin, and an anti-ageing effect, Argan Oil is the perfect ally. It is easily absorbed, without making the skin greasy, so you can happily use it every day to protect against external factors such as wind, UV rays and pollution.

A little secret? Add it to your foundation for a natural glow you’ve never seen before.


We often neglect our nails or, rather, subject them to a great deal of stress and chemicals with varying degrees of harshness in order to achieve flawless and ever-fashionable manicures. But let’s not forget that they also need nourishment and protection, because over time they can become weak and flaky. If you haven’t already done so, try using Argan Oil on clean, bare nails. Its powerful moisturising action will give them strength and vigour in just a few days.

Shiny, strong and healthy! You can say goodbye to brittle nails.

So, what else can we say? All you need do is hurry and stock up on Argan Oil!

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