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Rules? We are proud to have changed them

An affordable beauty. With no compromises

Quality should not be a luxury: this is why we decided to offer rigorously made in Italy make-up & beauty care cosmetics with top-level performance at incredible prices. How can we do it? We are a young and lean company, with a minimal approach attentive to the sustainable development leading us to avoid waste and unnecessary costs. Here are out secrets

Our first quality assurance

Ensuring the highest safety standards is a priority for us. Our products are:

• of certified origin: we directly follow the entire supply chain, from raw material to packaging

• made and packaged in Italy, whose control system is among the most severe and accurate in the world. Furthermore, we support the national economy keeping jobs.

Large number strength

Low prices generate high sell-out rotations: the company can thus work on large production batches above standards. A huge production cuts costs, allowing prices to be lower than the average without losing quality.

The perfect balance
between form and substance

Eliminating packaging is an ethical choice that not only affects the environmental impact, but also allows us to cut the costs of packaging and leaflets and to make our eco-sustainable stands extremely recognisable thanks to an essential and captivating line.

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La Forza Dei Grandi Numeri

I prezzi bassi generano elevate rotazioni di sell-out, permettendo all’azienda di lavorare su grandi lotti di produzione, superiori agli standard. Un’ingente produzione abbatte i costi, permettendoci di applicare prezzi incredibili, senza rinunciare alla qualità.

Le consumatrici hanno così la possibilità di acquistare un prodotto performante ad un prezzo molto conveniente.